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Useful Apps for Substance Abuse & Recovery

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Here are a list of apps that can help individuals monitor themselves from addiction, substance abuse and recovery. These tools are designed to assist an individual to keep a log in and track their progress report and incorporate into their daily lifestyle.

Name of App Platform/Cost Features
AA Big Book and More iPhone–FREE Big Book texts, sobriety tracker and daily encouraging messages.
Addicaid:  Addiction Recovery iphone, Android–FREE App to begin/maintain addiction recovery.   Find meetings, track progress, connect with others.
Addiction Tracker Android–FREE Tracks how long and how much you were addicted, monitors non-usage, tracks with logs & graphs of various addictions:   drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, smoking, food, watching TV, etc.
Affirmations Android–FREE Positive affirmations to change negative thought patterns.
Afternoon Affirmations iPhone–FREE A daily message of affirmation is sent each day at 1pm.
Biblical Encouragement — Drug Addiction iPhone–$0.99 Select emotion that is felt (tempted, backsliding, lonely, missed goal and other feelings commonly associated with recovery) and a relevant Bible verse to that emotion with commentary is provided.
Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous Android–FREE Android’s version of AA Big Book and More listed above.
Bridge by FMA (Father Martin’s Ashley) Android–FREE Able to post messages and connect with others, newsfeed, links to useful resources and weekly video casts of inspiring messages.
Cassava iPhone, Android–FREE Listing of nearby support groups, monitor your moods & activities, track your daily progress, motivational articles and daily reflections, journaling and daily survey (nutrition, sleep, relationships, stress management, etc.).
Clean & Sober Recovery Android–FREE Companion to 12 Step program.   Sobriety calculator and inspirational quotes.
Drinking Mirror iPhone–$0.99, Android–FREE Upload a photo and number of drinks consumed daily–app will show what user will look like in 10 years based upon alcoholic consumption.
Drug Addiction iPhone, Android–FREE Basically an “encyclopedia” of everything there is to know regarding drug addiction, sobriety, self-esteem, 12-steps; various drugs discussed.  Motivational quotes.
Happify iPhone, Android–FREE Games of various categories to elevate your mood.   Positivity will help you overcome any challenge.
I Am Sober iPhone, Android–$1.99 Journaling & Goals–also electronic buddy system to remind you daily of goals & progress.
IMQuit Android–FREE Tracks progress and you can set targets/goals; allows trackers for multiple addictions.
Mindfulness Meditation iPhone, $2.99–Android, $0.99 Encourages uses to take a break, set a meditation time and start relaxing; mindfulness is proven to be efficient in the treatment of addiction to aid in focusing on recovery.
My Narcotics Anonymous Toolkit (NAT) iPhone, Android–FREE The 12-step program including features for journaling, gratitude list, spot check inventories (anger, resentment), clean calculator/tracker and anonymous icon.
Narcotics Anonymous Speakers Android–FREE Speakers/audio track (sharings) of NA meetings.
New2Recovery iPhone, Android–FREE Checks in with emotions and thoughts–can share these with people in your network and sponsors.  Helps to regulate positive choices.
No More! Quit Your Addictions Android–FREE Tracker, support shortcuts, motivational quotes.
Overdose Aware iPhone–FREE Different signs and symptoms of overdoses of depressant, stimulant, opioid and alcohol overdose.
PTSD Coach iPhone, Android–FREE Info about PTSD, tools to identify PTSD and relaxation techniques.
RCMP Drug Awareness iPhone, Android–FREE Information about wide variety of drugs & related trends across Canada (can be applicable to US also) including prescription meds and steroids.
Recoverize Android–FREE Daily AA and NA readings, chat room, recovery stories, meditation, tracker of sober time, chat with other members, daily recovery to-do list.   Companion app to 12-step program.
Sober Grid iPhone, Android–FREE Shows app users within certain vicinity to offer support via message.  Can be anonymous.
Sober Tool iPhone, Android–FREE Geared for relapse prevention.   Not only tracks time of sobriety but also calculates money you have saved.  Motivational messages & notifications.
Sobriety Clock iPhone, Android–FREE Tracker that shows how far you’ve come…shows the importance of each second of sobriety.  Motivational quotes and the 12 Steps.
Sobriety Counter Android–FREE Tracker; including last drink to hour & minute; also option to add sponsor(s) .
Squirrel Recovery Android–FREE It sets up a recovery circle with sober support people that you choose, personal check in times for the app to check in when using was most likely to occur. A Panic button bypasses all check ins so that help can be given immediately. Includes tracker of sober days and motivational quotes.
T2 Mood Tracker iPhone, Android–FREE Tracks emotional experience; comes with six pre-loaded issues: anxiety, depression, general well-being, head injury, post-traumatic stress, and stress. You can also add customized scales on any topic (e.g., a pain scale or triggers).

Real Treatment Is Still Necessary

While the apps can be useful tools to help a person track their advancement in recovery,  these tools should not be the only resolution for treatment.  It is still necessarily to seek out for resources to get the support and help they need.  These applications cannot replace a therapist or a person who is well educated and can continue to guide them in the right direction.

Mental Health Connections Specialists

At the Mental Health Association Of Central Florida, we are happy to do the research and provide referrals to anyone that needs access to treatment for free!

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