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Steph Garber says:

This organization is simply invaluable to Central Florida community. The services they provide, including mental health care to the scores of survivors and family members of those lost at Pulse gives me a true passion for their work. Their CEO, Candy Crawford uses the funds so well that it simply amazes me how much help they give to so many on such limited support .I feel honored to be a donor and hope to continue my support for years to come. Without the government support truly needed, private donations are what help the programs to continue.

Travis Robinson says:

Some of the referrals were incapable of serving me for my depression and anxiety disorder. After going through some of the contacts I have managed to find a practitioner that was able to help me. I have found the help that I needed and I am grateful for this service.

Thanks Again,
Travis Robinson

Judy Gustafson says:

When a friend told me she was considering suicide, and had been found the previous night, wandering down a road in a remote area, I offered to help. “What can I do to help”, and she said, “If you could find me a counselor; I am tired from making calls and getting nowhere.”

I called MHACF on a Friday and had three names to all in the area by Tuesday morning. I only had to make ONE call. Terrific response. My friend has been in counseling for a few months now and is feeling better.

KImberly McArthur says:

Very professional and helpful service….Received list of facilities very promptly….nice to know I have someone to talk to…

CM says:

Allie and Analise were welcome, helpful voices at a most difficult time trying to sort through details about how to proceed getting a required assessment scheduled. They were relentless to help me while showing great care and compassion which I really needed. They offered options for other services I might need as well. Thank you, ladies.

Lisa pence says:

My life has been turned upside down and I felt I was running out of options, that is until today when a cheerful voice greeted me on the other end of the phone. After what felt like 44 calls made this is the one that made all the difference! A lady by the name of Danielle Miller was so educated and her ability was over and beyond! She deserves such praise and literally made me feel like I mattered. After everything that I have been through she was so compassionate and caring as well as very well trained. She is such a gift to this company and I would be thrilled to know that she was honored for the way she handled everything. This is the kind of people in this world that truly are such blessings! I pray you Danielle to get a raise but above all to be blessed in all you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

LN says:

I had an absolutely fantastic experience. Sarah was very calm, kind and sympathetic. I’ve had rude experiences before but they didn’t raise their voices at all. It was nice to speak to someone who was sympathetic and actually cared. I believe that God puts people on this earth with a purpose and their purpose is to help and care. I will pray that they find joy.

Grady Brown III says:

I am very grateful for the Mental Health Association of Central Florida. While in Central Florida in the summer of 2012, a love one had a bipolar episode. My family and I are from Texas so I had no connections to reach out to. Through a very unfortunate situation, I was advised of the guardian advocate course that I would need to represent my loved one. I was skeptical as everything that was happening was out of my comfort zone. Fortunately for me and my family I signed up for the course. Little did I know I would gain much more than a credential needed to represent my family. This was so much more than a class. Each person who attended had their own reason for being there and for the first time during my 2 month ordeal in Florida I felt that I had support of people who understood my situation. Our instructor, Charlotte Melton, shared with us her own story which made all of us in the class feel more comfortable to share our individual situations. Allowing us to share made the curriculum feel more like a short story that was written specifically for me rather than a classroom which can be a place of stress for many people. The knowledge gained has given me a sense of accomplishment but the support I felt during a very difficult time will forever be invaluable.

Sincerely a student, supporter, and friend

Grady Brown III

Steve Garron says:

When I was 30 yrs old my kidneys failed, I was intensely sick for a year, lost my career and moved back with my parents.
I’ve needed a kidney transplant for almost 10 yrs now and have not been emotionally able to face getting on the transplant list in all that time. I’ve stayed alive with dialysis and many trips to the hospital. Though the physical pain hurts it’s the mental pain that’s been paralyzing.

A year ago I finally decided to get on the transplant list no matter what it takes. The process is intense so I went to my health provider to try to obtain some emotional support, they handed me a list of psychiatrists and counselors. I called everyone on that list but was unable to find one that would accept Medicare. Thankfully in the margin was written the number of the Mental Health Assoc. of Central Florida, in desperation I called. The person who answered listened to my story, assessed my needs and took my number saying she’d get back to me with a list of Dr’s and counselors in my area that accepted my insurance. She called back with a few numbers, one within 10 miles of my remote address; I’ve now been attending sessions there for 3 months and have made great strides towards my end goal. Getting healthy is an ongoing process but when I’m depressed any hurdle can be a wall so it was important to get a helping hand when I needed it most. The MHACF was that helping hand.

I’m glad I got to let y’all know the effect you guys had on my journey. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

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