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Please! Florida does not have to be 50th in the Nation!

Dear Senators and Representatives:

It is now time for you to consider the funding for mental health and provide the leadership to make this happen.  We need to have a significant investment in this state to bring us above 50th in the nation.  Please consider investing over $100 million into mental health services for the 66,000 that have no access.  We don’t need to continue to have a loss of over $21 billion of productivity in one year!





What is Elect Health Florida?

Elect Health Florida (#ElectHealthFL) is a social media campaign to encourage the people of Florida to reach out to legislation to state their wants and desires for better access to medical and mental health services.

This campaign won’t work without YOU. Yes, you. YOU matter. Without you, things won’t change. Support Elect Health Florida Today!


Use this form to reach out to Florida Legislators and tell them how important accessibility to mental health and medical care is to you and your loved ones.